Employees today expect constant access to enterprise software regardless of their locations or the devices they’re using. This is a good thing, because it means people can be more responsive to customers and colleagues. However, it can be challenging finding the right mobile solution for your business, especially for core enterprise applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

With Acumatica Mobile ERP, an advanced ERP system becomes accessible via mobile phones and tablets running iOS or Android. All components of the business software are available on in-house systems and over the Internet. Using a web browser or mobile app, staff and field service personnel can view, capture, enter and analyze data from any location. Mobile ERP provides numerous benefits, eight of which are highlighted below.

Real-Time Access to Data

Up-to-date business intelligence is always available with mobile ERP. You can view sales data, expense reports, project status, materials information and customer or vendor details. Security alerts and detailed analyses are available in real-time as well.

Changes Are Synchronized Automatically

When any changes are made through the mobile app, they are updated throughout Acumatica. This synchronizes the entire system, so that no matter who sees a dashboard, or where they access it, the same changes will be visible all at once. Once data are entered, there’s no need for re-entry in the office.

Access to Acumatica’s Mobile Application Framework

Personnel with financial, customer management, project accounting, distribution, field service and other roles can access Acumatica’s broad set of applications and perform their job duties from the office, in the field or from home.

Integration of Mobile Device Features

Smart device features can be fully utilized. If a team member requires a photo of a receipt, he or she can use the device’s camera to send an image. Fingerprint readers help verify identity for secure access, while mobile push notifications can forward opportunities to salespeople.

Full Mobile Functionality

Acumatica’s Mobile ERP applications include time reporting, task management and approvals for time, expense and sales orders. Integrated navigation tabs simplify access to information by allowing users to tap or swipe a mobile form tab to, for example, view summaries, details and settings on a sales order record.

Increased Productivity

Data entry and business tasks can be completed in the field, as can important decision making. Stakeholders do not need to be in the office, so the system increases productivity while decreasing transportation costs. Sales and service activities can be completed quickly with little lead time, even if key personnel aren’t on site.

Information Is Adapted to Screen Size

Users can see all pertinent information, including data and trends, regardless of screen size, resolution or orientation. They can view sales trends, inventory and materials status in precise detail on a small or large screen and act immediately.

Ability to Coordinate with Remote Personnel

Deploy people with the right skills, direct them with maps and provide them with customer information while they are in the field. Mobile ERP includes scheduling and drag-and-drop tools to help dispatch workers. Field personnel can provide updates on service orders, which can be viewed immediately from the home office.

We have worked with many customers on the implementation of Acumatica Mobile ERP. To learn more about Acumatica Mobile ERP and other benefits of the cloud business management platform, visit our website.

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