Custom Development

Whether it is a small customization to an application screen, or an entirely new system, we can provide you with the solutions you need.

While each ERP product provides the majority of capabilities needed in a solid ERP system, each company is different and has specific needs that the solutions may not address.

We can create a custom solution to fit your needs as well as integrate with your current software systems.  We follow a standard process that ensures success and quality results.  Our consultants and analysts are experienced in the development tools and the products that we work with so that they are proficient and knowledgeable in the custom solutions that we develop.

Whether it is a small customization to a application screen or report, or an entirely new system built outside of the ERP solution interfacing at critical points, we can provide the custom solution to fit your needs. The solutions we develop for you come with source code, documentation, quality control testing and training to ensure your investment in a custom solution pays dividends.

The Empower Process for Custom Development

We utilize the Acumatica Empower process to implement your customizations from start to finish.  Empower was designed specifically for the ERP world and enables both the internal and external project teams to stay in close communication and approach the fulfillment of each phase and task with the utmost precision.

Each project is fixed price so that you never have to worry about cost overruns on the project scope of work

Every customization project has a set project plan to guide both our consultants and your project team throughout the process to ensure that the effort stays on track

We complete each phase to your satisfaction before we ever begin the next phase. This ensures that everything stays on track and meets with your approval throughout the project

We provide one or more pilot testing procedures so that when it comes time to go live, your staff will be ready to go

Requirement Document / Functional Specifications

This is a document that illustrates how the system is intended to operate when finished, and provides the foundation for the ensuing technical specification development.  Included you will find a brief description on the functionality of each component part of the project, and optionally a flow diagram to illustrate the sequence of steps in which the system will operate, and a proposed project time line for the completion of the finished result.

Quality Assurance Testing

Once the system has been developed, we thoroughly test each piece of it to ensure quality results.  We set up an environment in our office that closely imitates the one that you will be using to test for as many variables as possible.  Once this process is completed with satisfactory results, the project will undergo further volume testing to ensure it can handle the anticipated load of users once implemented at your office.

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