Implementation & Training

Who you partner with to get you from where you are to where you want to be will be the major determining factor of success. We provide you with what you need to get there.

The key to deriving the most benefit from your investment in a new system is the proper implementation of the product. A new system requires much more in implementation than just loading it on a server. Who you partner with to get you from where you are to where you want to be will be the major determining factor of success.  That’s what we do for you.

Our implementation services provide you with:

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Setup for each module you need
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Customization & report development
  • Post go live support

It is one thing to install and configure a system but quite another to prepare your staff for the journey of implementation, which can be challenging at times. We believe that with proper training the success of your investment in an ERP solution will be realized. Because remembering what you learn for the new system is hard to do while you are still working the current system, we make it a point to provide extra training for your staff.

  • We train every person on what they will use twice or more depending our your requirements
  • We provide a refresher training for each individual just before going live to help them feel more comfortable on day one
  • And each person gets to execute the transactions they do on a daily basis many times before going live to further enhance their comfort level and reduce data entry mistakes

The Empower Process

We utilize the Acumatica Empower process to implement your system from start to finish.  Empower was designed specifically for the ERP world by professionals from Acumatica and enables both Cortekx’s and your project teams to stay in close communication and approach the fulfillment of each phase and task with the utmost precision.

Each project is fixed price so that you never have to worry about cost overruns on the project scope of work.

Every project has a set project plan to guide both our consultants and your project team throughout the process to ensure that the effort stays on track

We complete each phase to your satisfaction before we ever begin the next phase. This ensures that everything stays on track and meets with your approval throughout the project

We provide a set of three pilot testing procedures so that when it comes time to go live, your staff will be ready to go

The completion of every implementation is the beginning of thelong term support plan. We will be there to support you and your staff well into the future

Data Migration

For many of our clients, migrating their existing data to the new system is a very important step. We can assist you and your IT staff in migrating current system data to the new system to ensure that the valuable history you have grown over the years is available to you and your staff in easy to use search tools provided.

Post Go Live Support

Through our experience we have found that the most unsettling time for any business starting up a new ERP system is the moment of going live, and the first few days following that moment. That is why we will be there for you and your staff from that moment and onward for the first few days and for the first month end close. This way we can ensure that your investment in training and a new beginning bear results, as we work together to bring about the new solution.

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