Acumatica Case Studies

View case studies across a variety of industries including manufacturing, accounting, healthcare and more, to see how Acumatica Cloud ERP Software has enabled organizations to increase efficiency and positively impact their bottom line.

Supplier Reinvents Itself in the Cloud With Acumatica

Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution & Services

“The scalability of Acumatica far exceeds its competition in terms of the licensing costs. I am not limited by the number of users within Acumatica, and I am no longer penalized for growing my business.” – Ehren Dimitry, President and CEO, AME Corporation

Enclosure Manufacturer Uses Cloud ERP to Replace Sage MAS 90

Industry: Manufacturing

“Acumatica provided an accounting solution that allowed us to streamline operations, eliminate accounting costs, and process orders faster.” – Kelvin Mahorney, CEO, DDB Unlimited

Doorset Manufacturer Moves to Acumatica, Enjoys 24/7 ERP Access

Industry: Manufacturing

“I am still getting used to drinking a coffee in Starbucks while looking at our ERP, but that is the flexibility and usability that all companies should have now.” – Tim Patton, ICT Director, Hi Spec Doorsets

Acumatica Delivers Project Accounting to Three Growing Firms

Industry: Environmental services in the marine and industrial industries

We asked Acumatica to automate time tracking for people working in the field. They listened and delivered the Acumatica Project module that allows us to accurately track project profitability.” – Charles Hutchinson, CFO, IntraCoastal Environmental

Jewelry Manufacturer & Wholesaler Gains Cloud and Retains Control

Industry: Manufacturing

Acumatica provided us with a web-based solution that we could install on-premise. This provided on-the-go access to data without locking us into a SaaS provider.” – Jay Cheng, CEO, J. Goodin

Medical Practice Management Provider Chooses Acumatica Over Oracle and SAP, Saves Millions

Industry: Medical billing and practice management for healthcare providers

[With Acumatica] every employee can get access to ERP data, from wherever they are when they’re traveling. Our customers can get access to ERP data. We’ve never had the capability to offer this before we had Acumatica. That is definitely a big plus for us.” – Darren Wilson, Senior Project Manager, PracticeMax

Distribution Company Switches From NetSuite to Acumatica

Industry: Distribution

Acumatica’s SaaS solution on Windows Azure provided users with access to real-time data across seven companies in three different locations.” – Barbara Page, Controller, The Quantum Group

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