Business Process

Not every company uses the tools the same way, so we help you design your business processes to align with the way you do business.

ERP solutions provide an extremely wide and deep tool set to help you improve profitability, increase efficiency and achieve a high level of competitiveness. But most companies do not use every tool and application the same way. We help design your set of business processes specifically for the way you do business. Each process that your staff focuses on in their daily, weekly & monthly routines utilizes some of the applications. Business Processes document and illustrate your particular use of these applications, including your particular accounts, codes and data entry elements. Screens are captured for each transaction and the user is guided through each process one step at a time.

Advantages to Business Processes

There are numerous advantages to using Business Processes including helping you get the most out of your ERP investment.

Available at the users fingertips using the Acumatica Wiki capabilities built into the system

Reduced training investment for new employees

Reduced data entry errors & transactions against improper accounts and codes

Increased efficiency and data entry accuracy

Easily maintained to reflect changes in policies

Decrease problem resolution time

Customized to fit your specific way of doing business

Business Process Development

Business processes can be defined by our consultants working with your power users for you or they can be done jointly between our consultants and your key staff members. When completed, they can be delivered in a variety of forms, including Microsoft Word and Adobe pdf files, or simply embedded in Acumatica as a part of the user interface.

All original documents will be provided as part of this process for you. Maintenance can also be done jointly or by our consultants that have been assigned to you. Generally, the business processes for an organization are best when done jointly and published in the Acumatica system so that they may be easily retrieved and maintained in one location.

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