Project Management

No matter the project size, every project will have a manager from our team, as well as an internal manager from your team to ensure the very best communication and results.

If you fail to plan you are planning to fail, as the saying goes.  We utilize the Acumatica Empower process to help you implement your investment in your Cloud ERP solution.  With full project management in place, you help ensure a successful implementation.

Empower was designed specifically for the Cloud ERP world and enables both the internal and external project teams to stay in close communication and approach the fulfillment of each phase and task with the utmost precision.

  • Each project is fixed price so that you never have to worry about cost overruns on the project scope of work
  • Every project has a set project plan to guide both our consultants and your project team throughout the process to ensure that the effort stays on track
  • We complete each phase to your satisfaction before we ever begin the next phase. This ensures that everything stays on track and meets with your approval throughout the project
  • We provide one or more pilot testing procedures so that when it comes time to go live, your staff will be ready to go
  • The completion of every implementation is the beginning of the long term support plan. We will be there to support you and your staff well into the future

Empower Project Management

No matter the project size, each and every project is managed using the Acumatica Empower approach combined with Microsoft Projects and our own internal project tracking system.

Every project has a project manager assigned to it from our staff, and an internal project manager from your staff. Both work together in harmony to keep the project on time and on budget.  Each project has the following project plan components:

A project governance plan describing the purpose of the project and defining the project and business objectives and how they will unfold during the implementation

A weekly project status meeting for theproject leaders of both teams

A defined project scope of work

Defined project teams for both Cortekx and your internal staff

Communications Plan defining the process of communication throughout the project

A risks and issues register to highlight the probability and impact of any foreseeable risks and issue

Project Implementation Plans

Every project is mapped out in Microsoft Project in phases, and every phase is comprised of the tasks needed to accomplish the results.  As the implementation unfolds, and tasks are completed, you’ll be able to see the project status for each task, phase and project as a whole. Project recap reports are supplied weekly in the joint project status meeting. At each phase after the work has been completed, we’ll seek your approval before continuing to the next phase, thereby ensuring not only up to date status awareness, but also to ensure your satisfaction before continuing the next phase.

Changes in Scope

Sometimes unforeseen issues and tasks arise on a project. Before we begin work on any new issues, you’ll be able to review and approve a change of scope order and estimate. This helps you control costs and determine if an additional task is necessary and beneficial beforehand so that you won’t be surprised at a later date.

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