A cost allocation is the process of distributing cost over multiple departments, branches, projects, or any other items where you want to separately measure costs for. You can use cost allocation to help you better report costs throughout an organization, or to calculate profitability of certain sections, activities, or other items to help you decide how you are going to plan for funding later.

Acumatica makes Cost Allocations easy, and with just a few steps, you can generate reports and have a better understanding of how your company is performing.

Below is a quick video, where our president, Cliff Hall, breaks it down for you and shows you how easy Acumatica 2017 R2 makes it to perform allocations in the General Ledger.

To find out more about this, or to learn more about how Acumatica and Cortekx can increase productivity, and give you a better command of your business, contact us.