After months of planning, the 2019 Acumatica Summit hit the Marriott Marquis Houston with over 1,500 attendees ready to see what’s new and learn how to better utilize the features of Acumatica for themselves or their customers. The summit was a huge success that not only showcased the new developments and plan for 2019, but also celebrated the advancement of the platform in the past and appreciate how great of a year 2018 was.

The event was full of great news and lessons to learn, like the announcement of Acumatica 2019 R1, which includes things like the addition of a processing bar for people that run long processes, multi-factor authentication that can be used through text or push notifications, and probably most exciting, the addition of machine learning and AI for the first time. Really amazing stuff.

All and all, the summit was an amazing event that really got us at Cortekx excited for things to come in 2019, and beyond, but before we start talking about the future lets quickly spend some time with our President, Cliff Hall, and Director of Operations, Valence Mitchell, see how they felt about this year’s summit and how they feel about 2020 in Las Vegas. See below for interview:

A quick interview with Cliff Hall and Valence Mitchell:

Cortekx: How was this year’s event compared to the last?

Cliff Hall: This year was amazing, not only was the excitement in the air palpable, but the sheer amount of attendees made it feel like a college football bowl game, just a great event that was organized extremely well. It just gets better every year.

Valence Mitchell: Every year, the Acumatica Summit gets better. This year was focused more on the customer, but it also was another great opportunity to get dialed back in to the Acumatica process. Customer satisfaction, improved process, new features, networking with other VARS and ISV’s.

Cortekx: What was something you learned this year?

CH: The most interesting thing to me was that the first application of artificial intelligence was added to the software offering, this is the future and the fact that it was mentioned that this was only the beginning makes me very excited about what’s to come. There is also a drive to enhance the platform with machine learning, something that is a hot topic for a couple of years now in the supply chain market segment.

VM: I learned that Acumatica is constantly working to build its brand. Constantly working towards solidifying the Acumatica base. And they introduced everyone to two new companies, one from France and one from Germany that will be white labeling the Acumatica platform. With a rapidly growing list of customers, that is a massive financial revenue stream added to the already solid base Acumatica has.

Cortekx: What are you most excited for this year that came from the event?

CH: From My perspective, the newest release is awesome. It will give our clients a clear competitive edge in their businesses, and give us as partners an edge against our competition.

VM: I am most excited aboutThe Acumatica 2019 R1 release and its new features. The direction Acumatica is going with the software is amazing and pushes Acumatica past the competition, so many great things.

Cortekx: What is something you would like to see from next year’s event in Vegas?

CH: One of those famous Vegas shows has to be the first thing I see… seriously, I’d like to see the partner marketing assistance program enhanced to a level that provides us with the tools we need to be able to spread the word about Acumatica. I’d also like to see Acumatica’s marketing efforts bear fruit in the way that no one ever says again… “never heard of Acumatica.” Lastly, because it will be in closer to home, in Vegas, we will be able to attend the summit’s closing key note address so that is very exciting.

VM: Most of all I just want to see where and what Acumatica intends to go/do next. Every year this event just gets better, so next year, I know it is going to go over the top with the Vegas attitude and style.

Are you as excited about the 2020 summit as we are? lets us know how excited on our Twitter, @Cortekx and make sure to give us a call in order to find out how Acumatica can help you take control of your business