Let’s be honest, when it comes to projects of any size, they rarely stay on budget. this means in order to keep track of everything, change orders become common place in projects large and small.

Having a system in place that can easily handle and automate these change orders and help you keep track of everything is a must, especially if you find yourself or your coworkers/clients continually saying things like:

“Things keep falling through the cracks”


“We’re tripping over our feet trying to keep up with all the paperwork…”

By standardizing your process and workflows for managing issues, and communicating change orders to your staff, you can save money and time. Making it easier to manage all your projects, while keeping clients happy.

As our president, Cliff Hall, shows in the video down below, Acumatica makes change orders easy to process with just a few quick steps. Keeping you free to focus on other tasks, because we all know you have many more tasks to focus on.

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