The thumb is becoming one of the most important digits in the world, the rise of mobile is disrupting how people research, get in contact, and buy from companies all over the world. Most people think that they are ready for this shift but many industries, and small businesses seem to be getting pinned in the “thumb war” that is taking place in all of our hands. This can be seen by companies still clinging on to the use of QR codes in order to try and convert people on the fly.

The shift to mobile is more than just beginning, it has been here for a while now, but I continually see companies of all sizes take serious missteps when it comes to mobile design, and implementation. It is important for companies to understand that mobile is an important step for customers, or clients in every industry imaginable. From the flower shop on the corner, to software sales and service, and all the way to space travel, people are researching and making decisions from their phones.

When Facebook stated a couple months ago that “The Thumb is in Charge“, it seemed like a shock to most people that 45% of all shopping journeys contain at least one action on mobile. This means that no matter what people are buying, almost half of all shoppers look up information on a phone or tablet while making a decision about a product or service. 


With 73% of people saying thattheir phone is always with them, this means that we need to start thinking about making sure our information is given to them when, and how, they want to receive it. in order for your products to make an impression on any screen there are some things you need to keep in the back of your mind in order to make sure your sales process is thumb friendly:


While tools and templates that transfer your site from desktop to mobile versions are everywhere, and easy to use, you need to make sure that when you look at your page you are seeing the information the way you want. Calls to action, and other important information need to be ready to view at the top of your pages to get the attention they deserve. And always remember that text adjusts to the screen used but text inside of images does not. Make sure that you use photos, and font, sizes in your images that can be seen well on both screens. You don’t want to waste your efforts creating great images and CTAs that cant be seen once you switch to mobile.


Learning how your clients and customers learn about you and your products is an important step in understanding how you can better serve them. If people are finding you through your social media channels, there is a good chance that they are viewing that on mobile (and also a good chance that they viewed your site shortly after the same way). Keep mobile design in the front of your brain when doing any changes to your web presence from here on out.


Discovery is the key to bringing in new leads. How and where people find information is quickly changing, and you need to change the way you sell yourself. Most people are going to be tempted to get on as many channels and devices as possible, but you need to be smart and really research how people are finding you.


Everything from your mobile app to your email templates needs to be Dynamic in order for it to show properly on any screen that is being used to view your content. This will make sure that your clients wont have to pinch and spread there fingers in order to read your content. I would hate for your email to be the reason that your clients or prospects get a literal sore thumb.

The way of the world is changing for companies across the board and, it is time that you start to change as well. Selling is about more than finding clients and then cold calling them. You need to engage in new ways and educate your prospects before you even make real contact with them. Give more than you ask for, and be prepared to experiment with new angles as you move into the world of social selling.

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