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Videos and tutorials showing you the abilities of Acumatica's Receivables module. topics include transactions including invoices and memos, payments and applications, as well as processes like releasing AP Documents, printing invoices, preparing and printing statements, reports like AR Balance by customer or by account, AR past due, and so much more.






Customer Pricing and Discounts |

Acumatica 2017 R2

A short video outlining how to set customer pricing and discounts in Acumatica 2017 R2







Entering and Applying a Pre-Payment |

Acumatica 6.1

how to enter and apply a prepayment in Acumatica 6.1







Entering an Invoice |

Acumatica 6.1

A quick video to show you how to enter an invoice in acumatica 6.1






Entering a payment For An Invoice |

Acumatica 6.1

A quick video showing you how to enter a payment for an invoice in Acumatica 6.1



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