Professional Services ERP Software

Unlock the power of your team with true cloud ERP designed and customized for the professional services industry.

In an evolving professional services industry, it’s no longer just about delivering the best service at the right price. Yes, this is vital to your success, but to remain profitable, you need to do more than ever to succeed.

Whether you lead long-term, complex projects or specialize in jobs requiring quick turnaround, your success relies on your ability to balance client acquisition and support with project management if you hope to maintain margins.

It’s a world that moves faster than ever and one where keeping up is not enough. Cortekx has long served professional services companies, helping businesses like yours to understand the value of powerful business management software for the professional services business.

Cortekx Professional Services ERP and Project Management

In order to lead a profitable project, you need to know where you stand, who you have available, what you have, and focus on constant improvement. You can’t lose sight of anything, and you need a solution that delivers integration, flexibility, and functionality. The right professional services ERP helps you address the following challenges, among others.

3 Pillars of Profitability in Services Industry with Cloud ERP Software

In a climate where the business and professional services are constantly under pressure to do more for less, service organizations have to be willing to adopt new ways of working in order to meet demand.

Strategies to Improve Profit and Customer Loyalty

Find out how the right field service software can help you enhance your customer service—and your profits.

Challenge: Seeing the Whole Picture

On the outside, professional services might sound simple: Find clients, complete service, collect money. However, with so many different billing structures, consultant types, and time frames, every single project is an orchestration of tiny elements that have to happen in an exact order. Stare too much at one element and lose sight of the entire picture, do the opposite and you lose track of what makes it up.

How Cortekx and Project-Focused ERP Shows You What You Need

Balancing service with profitability requires you to see both the tiny parts that make up a project—as well as the whole thing. With integrated financials, customer management, project cost tracking, service automation, and time and expense management, rolled up into a complete solution that lets you slice and dice results as you see fit, you can do more.

Challenge: Balance Execution with Profitability

As a services company, you depend on satisfied clients. You need to deliver the service on-time and on-budget while avoiding surprises. Balancing on time and on budget execution with top quality work is part of your job, making sure it’s profitable is another. From creation to execution to billing, you need to empower your entire team with products that let them contribute to both project and company success.

How Cortekx and Project-Focused ERP Lets You Take Control

One of the biggest selling points of the Cortekx Professional Services solution, Acumatica, rests in its integration and flexibility. Equip your team with the best tools available with Acumatica’s comprehensive and integrated management applications, including workflow, document management, mobile access, and role-specific dashboards. Project delivery and accounting functionality delivers automated and flexible support for business processes that help make each member of the service team more productive.

Challenge: Staying Connected

As teams become more dispersed and your client base grows, many organizations are not only trying to overcome the first two challenges, but relying on email for some tasks, spreadsheets and paper-based processes for others. Trying to manage this dispersed team of consultants with a disparate system of applications leads to data silos and bad decisions.

How Cortekx and Project-Focused Cloud ERP Connects Your Team

Because Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP for the Services Industry is a comprehensive and completely integrated system, your people have to think less about emails, spreadsheets, or even expense reports. Empowering your consultants to do more and spend less time on non-value creating activities allows them to put more effort into completing projects.

“In my old system, it would take me about a week to do a reconciliation. With Acumatica, I did September’s reconciliation in two hours. It’s saving me so much time.” – Sheila Lavin, Controller, Target Enterprises

Cortekx: Your Partner for Professional Services ERP

Making a choice to invest in a professional services-focused ERP solution is a decision that could benefit your business for years to come, and is one that can’t be taken lightly. At Cortekx, we’ve spent the last quarter-century helping our clients implement solutions that work. Learn more about Acumatica, the services we provide, and contact us for a consultation.