Marketing and Advertising ERP Software

Streamline workflows, free up your team, and take control of projects while maintaining a creative culture with marketing and advertising-focused ERP.

Managing any kind of creative organization is a challenge—and it’s only become more challenging in recent years. Virtual offices, a continued diversification of talents, and globalization of services makes it hard for today’s advertising and marketing agency to maintain profitability.

From retainers to monthly projects, timesheets to traffic, and cash flow to client acquisition, it’s very easy to lose track of the financial and project management side of the equation. It’s never easy, but with the right solution, you can maintain your creative culture without losing sight of the long term.

It’s a world that moves faster than ever and one where keeping up is not enough. Cortekx has long served professional services companies, helping businesses like yours to understand the value of powerful business management software for agencies.

Cortekx Advertising and Marketing Agency ERP Software

Running a profitable advertising business is tough. No longer is it a creative department, a media department, and a design department, you’re trying to build an environment that can serve the entirety of your clients. New departments, a broader talent pool including employees and freelancers, and a constant need to track it all often presents a variety of challenges.

Case Study: Target Enterprises

Founded in 1979, Target Enterprises manages advertising campaigns in every state. Discover how this strategic media placement company discovered dramatic time savings by switching to Acumatica.

3 Pillars of Profitability in Services Industry with Cloud ERP Software

Marketing and advertising agencies have to be willing to adopt new ways of working in order to meet demand.

Challenge: Maintaining or Increasing Profitability

Getting from pitch to invoice is one thing, managing deliverables is another, and doing so profitably is a different beast altogether. For too many agencies, it’s often more complex than that—different billable hours, different billing structures, and different payment plans make it challenging to bring everything together to run a profitable business.

How Cortekx and Agency-Ready ERP Delivers

Successful campaigns rely on a unique balance of project management, automation, resource allocation, and pricing. Keep track of billing, invoicing, and cash flow with an integrated solution that can provide you with the powerful 360-degree view of your customer’s activities, requests, and projects that you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Challenge: Connecting Diverse, Virtual Teams

Everyone at an agency has a unique skillset. Pair this with a reliance on freelancers and virtual employees who need to be ready at the drop of a hat, and you could end up without the right person on the right project. Knowing who’s available and who has the right skills at the right time requires impeccable visibility—often something that’s hard to come by without a connected solution.

How Cortekx and Agency-Ready ERP Delivers

One of the biggest selling points of the Cortekx Professional Services solution, Acumatica, rests in its integration and flexibility. By automating laborious tasks and providing visibility to the people who need it, you can easily assign the right people to the right job.

Challenge: Keeping Creatives Creative while Still Collecting Timesheets

As teams become more dispersed and your client base grows, many organizations are not only trying to overcome the first two challenges, but relying on email for some tasks, spreadsheets and paper-based processes for others. Trying to manage this dispersed team of consultants with a disparate system of applications leads to data silos and bad decisions.

How Cortekx and Agency-Ready ERP Delivers

The right ERP solution facilitates workflows and integrates solutions, helping you to increase productivity and reduce headaches. Empowering your creatives to do more and spend less time on non-value creating activities allows them to put more effort into completing projects.

Acumatica Time and Expense software helps you automate time tracking and management and engage a robust approval process for accuracy and control. Time and Expense Management integrates tightly with Projects, Accounts Payable software, and with Accounts Receivable software for proper billing.

“In my old system, it would take me about a week to do a reconciliation. With Acumatica, I did September’s reconciliation in two hours. It’s saving me so much time.”

– Sheila Lavin, Controller, Target Enterprises

Cortekx: Your Partner for Agency-Focused ERP

Making a choice to invest in an ERP solution is a decision that could take your agency into the future, and is one that can’t be taken lightly. At Cortekx, we’ve spent the last quarter-century helping our clients implement solutions that work. Learn more about Acumatica, the services we provide, and contact us for a consultation.