Distribution ERP Software

Efficiently manage distribution processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs.

The wholesale distribution industry remains in a constant state of change. Competition is evolving, customer expectations are getting higher, and keeping control over your supply chain is getting harder.

From controlling your quote-to-cash process to managing sales ordering, pricing, shipping, sourcing, and billing, having all the necessary information in a secure location saves you time, increases your visibility, and helps you make better decisions.

Cortekx has long served businesses in the distribution industry, helping businesses select and use business management solutions including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) products. Our team is incredibly skilled in implementing these solutions, customizing the product, and training users on how to leverage them.

Cortekx Distribution Management and ERP Solution

Businesses of all sizes are turning to enterprise resource planning software to take control of finances, but those in the distribution industry have unique needs. Of course, many ERP products may claim to have distribution functionality, but few deliver the flexibility and functionality needed for the modern distribution business.

The right ERP for distribution will make your business more productive, reduce risk, and deliver value as you grow. We have experience helping distributors address the following challenges and more:

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Distribution ERP: Key Features Checklist

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Challenge: Connecting Your Quote-to-Cash Process

Today’s distribution company needs to adapt to a variety of new challenges. However, you can’t forget about traditional ones. The quote-to-cash process includes a variety of moving parts that need to be accounted for—creating the quote, negotiating the contract, and accounting for the transaction have never been easy, but in today’s market, customers expect you to move even faster.

How ERP and Cortekx Keeps You Connected

An established distribution business should have processes in place for inventory control, sales order fulfillment, and purchasing. By connecting and automating processes, embracing collaboration, and gaining visibility over your business, you can adapt to changes in the marketplace, facilitate transactons, and stay ahead of your competition.

Challenge: Growing without Growing Pains

Distribution companies face pressures from all size. Continuing to compete with traditional competition, keeping an eye out for new threats, and doing all this while maintaining or increasing your margins is by no means easy. To make this happen, many are looking to scale their operations, either by adding SKUs, warehouses, or people. Too often, however, growth causes growing pains.

Whether it becomes harder to track everything or your costs begin to get out of control, these growth challenges could derail your hard work.

Solution: Processes and Technologies That Scale with You

One of the biggest selling points of the Cortekx distribution solution, Acumatica, is that it’s designed for growth. This modern ERP for wholesale distribution system is well within reach for all sizes of businesses. With growth-enabling pricing, flexible infrastructure, and low barriers to entry, this solution grows with you and often can pay for itself quickly.

Challenge: Staying ahead of Customer Demands

Today’s customers have higher expectations, less loyalty, and more technology—they want a product fast, and have the information they need to find a company to provide it.

To address this, you need to see the complete picture of where your business is and where it is heading, tracking every piece of inventory, knowing when to order, and ultimately staying ahead of customer demand. Customers judge your performance and return to buy from you again based on your speed and quality of response, your on-time delivery commitments, and your customer service across all contact points.

How Cortekx and ERP Keeps Products Flowing

Having the right stock in the right place leads to better customer satisfaction, higher revenue, and optimum inventory investment. Modern distribution business software provides accurate, company-wide data that lets you create proactive, responsive replenishment operations and minimize inventory costs. Integrated fulfillment systems capture and deliver the data that underlies this successful process.

Save time and drive customer satisfaction higher than ever.

Challenge: Seeing the Big Picture

Like every business, distributors need accurate information to make sound business decisions. Keeping track of everything from finances to inventory, however, is often a challenge. To make this a reality, today’s distributor needs a unified view of the business in real time—no matter how many entities, SKUs, or even currencies you work with.

How Cortekx and ERP Gives You the Visibility You Need

Efficiently manage distribution processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. ERP solutions like Acumatica provide you accurate, real-time visibility into business activities and performance with financial reports and personalized dashboards that access the shared, centralized database (single version of the truth).

“Acumatica has completely changed our business. I just look in the accounting and all the information from the sales is in there … For our business that’s a big deal.”

– Ronald Krieger, CFO, Consolidated West Distributing

Cortekx: Your Partner for Distribution-Focused Business Management Solutions

Making a choice to invest in a distribution-focused cloud ERP system such as Acumatica cannot be taken lightly. At Cortekx, we’ve spent the last quarter-century helping our clients implement solutions that work. Learn more about Acumatica, the services we provide, and contact us for a consultation.