Cloud ERP for the Chief Information Officer

As the person in charge of the present and future technological success at your organization, you’ve watched every element of the IT world evolve. New technology, new security threats, new expectations from end users and executives; your role as a CIO continues to expand, and it’s your job to keep everything under control and up to date.

While your job has evolved to include more roles and responsibilities, the technology you oversee should not only make the user’s job easier, it should make yours easier as well.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software—especially when built in the cloud—delivers easier deployment, minimizes the challenges faced in updating software, and helps keep your budget under control.

Acumatica was built to deliver the functionality end users want and need, but also to make the job of the CIO and IT staff easier as well. Delivering easy integration, customization, and updates, Acumatica delivers all the benefits your business needs—without the pesky per-user pricing that IT leaders dread.

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What Does the CIO Gain from Acumatica?

As the person in charge of the technological success of your organization, you need to control costs, mitigate risks, and balance innovation with stability. Here’s how Acumatica delivers.

A Happier, More Productive IT Team

Today’s IT team is already overworked—but you know as well as we do that a good portion of this work is spent on activities that don’t create value. Free your team up from IT maintenance and empower them to work proactively by moving to the cloud.


The End of Integration Mishaps

Gone are the days when updates caused nightmares for the IT staff. Built using industry standard technology, you can easily connect the Acumatica platform to the products end users need. Better yet, this cloud solution’s integrations stay connected—even throughout the update process.


Real Security—Taken Seriously

Your job is only as secure as the security of your software and hardware. Built in the cloud, Acumatica takes their security seriously. Whether that’s at the user level or the facility level, this company takes steps to ensure only the right people have access to your data.

The Flexibility You Want

Acumatica was built for the success of the organizations using it. Not only is the product easily customized using standard development tools, such as Microsoft .NET and C#, the entire infrastructure and pricing is as well. Want to deploy your product on-premises or bring your own cloud? Would you rather pay for a perpetual license than pay month-to-month? With Acumatica, you can.

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“Would I recommend Acumatica to anybody? Absolutely not in our industry. I wouldn’t want anybody to have a competitive advantage over what we do.”

– Charles Snyder, IT Director

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