Acumatica Customer Relationship Management

Everything about your business needs to move in the same direction, and your ability to interact with prospects and customers is your key to success. With the cost of gaining a customer so much higher than the cost of retaining one, you need to have a clear picture of the entire customer base and need to empower your sales and customer service staff to do more. With CRM built directly into your ERP solution, you can.

Acumatica Customer Management is a built in the cloud module, part of the larger Acumatica suite. Designed to integrate with other applications including Financial Management, Distribution, Manufacturing, Commerce, Project Accounting, and more, Acumatica Customer Management helps you stay on the same page as your customers—no matter where they are.

As a leading provider of Acumatica, Cortekx has the experience and expertise you need to leverage this solution to gain visibility into customer interactions, empower your team to help them, and manage the relationship through the entire lifecycle.

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What Goes into Acumatica Customer Management?

From sales automation to integrated marketing, Acumatica is one of the top-rated CRM products for both usability and functionality. Built into the entire Acumatica Suite, you empower your staff with real time information they need to convince, convert, and delight customers.

Acumatica Customer Management comes with the following applications, ready to integrate throughout your product:

Sales Automation

Provide a complete view of opportunities and contacts to make your team aware of all experiences that may influence the sales decision. Give your sales team a complete view of opportunities, contacts and all activities that influence the sales decision. Improve efficiency with workflow-assisted lead assignment and sales process management.

With automation and integration, you can keep your entire team in sync by providing them a single version of the truth. Pair this with advanced and easy to use opportunity, account, and contact management, integrated document management, lead management, and more, and you can help your sales team thrive.

Integrated Marketing

Sales and marketing alignment has been a top priority for decades, and as CRM functionality advances, you can bring these organizations closer together. With marketing functionality integrated with ERP and the rest of the CRM, you can easily manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaign performance, communicate with contacts, and improve productivity.

Better yet, leads can be qualified easily by marketing and sales, with the CRM making it easy to capture leads from web forms, purchased lists, advertisements, direct mail, events, and other sources.

Service and Support Automation

Your sales activities are only as good as the work you do to satisfy and retain a customer. With service and support automation built into your CRM, you can speed up the service you provide your customers, increasing satisfaction, reducing support costs, and improving billing accuracy. Better yet, pair this with a field service product and you can easily plan, schedule, and deploy your staff.

Customer Self-Service Portal

The happiest customer is one who has access to your company—through whichever means they choose. As technologically advanced end users look for easier ways to communicate with your firm, offering them an option to log in, scan the knowledgebase, make a payment, or reorder supplies makes your job much easier.

“Acumatica has completely changed our business. I just look in the accounting and all the information from the sales is in there … For our business that’s a big deal.”

– Ronald Krieger, CFO, Consolidated West Distributing

Customer Management: Just One of the Many Parts of the Acumatica Platform

Acumatica is built for flexibility. Maybe you’re looking for an easy to use CRM, maybe you need it integrated with financial management, maybe you need something built and customized for your unique needs. Acumatica delivers. With Acumatica, you pay only for what you need, and can change this whenever you so choose.

At Cortekx, we’ve been in the business of business management software for nearly a quarter-century and have the experience, expertise, and knowledge you need in an implementation and support partner.